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Bird Watching or Birding

Guided tour of William Daza to see the best bird species

Cultural Exchange Center

Amazon Jungle | All Begins There

Mi name is Mónica, i have 33 years old.


I want to share part of my story:

On my first trip to the Amazon I made a good friend, Tananta of the Ticuna Ethnicity who taught me the true meaning of this place and from that moment on we connected with the family The Indigenous Community July 20.

Headquarter Onitano

Together we want to build the first cultural exchange headquarters (House of Indigenous Creativity).

With this headquarters in the middle of the jungle, we want to preserve and share ancestral traditions and knowledge, and in turn, bring other skills through travelers.

These will be some of our Stories:

Ancestral tattoo artist, Culinary History, Music, Bird Watching, Etc.